Texas State Missionary Baptist Convention, Inc

Our Mission

The Texas State Missionary Baptist Convention encourages, facilitates, and strive to connect churches in their work to fulfill God’s Kingdom agenda of compelling the lost to Christ and reconciling the world to himself. Because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, we share the Good News of Jesus Christ without reservations.

Our Vision

We are a fellowship of Baptist Churches assembled through District Associations to serve the local church. The State Convention works to educate, equip, and edify the body of Christ where we all shall be in unity. Our vision is to serve the body of Christ and elevate believers to evangelize and continue until the evangelized become the evangelist.


We join together to transform our communities and the world. Engaging culture, we reach people where they are for an encounter with Jesus Christ without diminishing the work of The Father.


We are on a mission with God to continue Jesus’ ministry of teaching, sharing the good news, and meeting human needs through our churches, institutions and organizations. Our ministries reflect the heart of Jesus as a servant.


We share a vision where the unsaved, unregenerated come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord, becoming transformed in his image. As a fellowship of Baptist churches, we advance the Kingdom in ways individual churches cannot do alone and we celebrate our unity in the larger body of Christ’s church. We are many members, but one body, as District Associations and local churches; we are called to be in the presence of Christ in a world of darkness.


We accomplish our work through individuals with diverse backgrounds who love Jesus Christ and his church. Lives, families, communities, and nations are transformed as ordinary Christians take extraordinary steps of faith in obedience to God.


We demonstrate the Love of Christ as we are appreciative of His sacrifice for us where He loved us while we were yet sinners.

Our Beliefs

  • Christ is the head of the church
  • In the Bible
  • In the virgin birth of Christ, that He died for our sins, and that He was resurrected
  • In the Priesthood of each believer and of all believers
  • Salvation comes from Jesus Christ alone
  • In reaching a lost and hurting world
  • In helping churches connect with ministry partners
  • In the sanctity of human life
  • Marriage between a man and a woman is the proper context for sex

Our History

The recorded history of now, The TEXAS STATE MISSIONARY BAPTIST CONVENTION, INC. began with a group of committed Supporters, Pastors, and Lay persons, in October 1931, who joined their efforts to change the way the Baptist Missionary Convention of Texas was being operated.  Without regards to, their peaceful Baptist methods turned into a power struggle against the leadership of the Convention.  After a heated disagreement, which was not a small matter, some thirteen persons were jailed in the city of Sherman, Texas, where the Annual Session of the Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention was held.  This writer was unable to name all thirteen persons and abstain from naming the two or three names that are available, because of equal recognition to all.   Nonetheless, after these thirteen heroes, and others, who shared their ideas met, they organized the “Texas Baptist Convention.”

The Rev. Dr. M. K. Curry, Sr., Pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas, (father of the late M.K. Curry, Jr., former President of the late Bishop College) was first to serve as President of the Convention.  After one year of service, he requested not to be considered for re-election.  The Rev. Dr. S. T. Alexander of Corsicana, Texas, was then elected as the second President, and faithfully served a four-year term.

Then the Rev. A. W. Pryor, Pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church, of Fort Worth, Texas was the third President elected to lead the Convention and he served the next four years. 

Dr. S. T. Alexander was then re-elected and served the Convention for the next thirty-three years.  During this tenure, Dr. Alexander successfully led the Convention to continue and complete his initial program from his first four-year term.

Under this administration a positive program united the East Texas Baptist Association and TB Convention’s efforts to do great work for Butler College.  Prior to the closing of Butler College, Dr. Alexander steered the Convention to consider the works into a higher level of education “Scholarship Aid.”  The scholarships would benefit all qualifying students of Texas Baptist supporting Churches.  This program designed to be a million-dollar effort.  Nearly $200,000 was given to students, not limited to attending Texas colleges and universities.  A number of students chose to attend University of Texas at Austin, Lamar University in Beaumont, University of Houston, and other in state schools; however, some chose out-of-state schools.

In October of 1973, at the New Jerusalem Institutional Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas, the Rev. Dr. T. E. George, Jr., who had served as First-Vice President to Dr. S. T. Alexander for thirty-three years, was elected to serve the Convention, the fifth President.

Under this leadership, the scholarship program was then changed from open scholarship aiding the qualifying students to financially supporting Bishop College.  A resolution was passed, under his administration, to pay off all indebtedness of Butler College jointly with East Texas Baptist Association.  After fourteen months of leadership, Dr. George, in late September of 1974, went home to be with the Lord.

On October 17, 1974, the Convention elected a new President, Rev. A. D. McCraw, and Pastor of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Houston, Texas, who had served faithfully as First Vice President to the late Dr. T. E. George, Jr. and Second Vice President to the late Dr. S. T. Alexander for about seven years.  Rev. McCraw became the sixth President and the only person in the fifty-nine year history of the Convention to serve two Presidents as their Vice Presidents.

Rev. McCraw’s very first duty was to reunify the Christian fellowship of the Convention and he promised to offer an impartial leadership.  He led the Convention in carrying out the program of the late Dr. T. E. George, Jr., which included:

1.      Paying off all indebtedness of the old Butler College.

2.     Becoming a strong Convention supporter of Bishop College.

3.     Leading our convention to discontinue the “marriage relationship” with East Texas Baptist Association by placing all Associations, both present and future, on an equal relationship with the Convention.

4.     Paying in full all debts relating to Butler College.  There were thirty lawsuits from mostly members of former members of the East Texas Baptist Association and employees at Butler College.  All debts were paid in full and properties were divided between East Texas Baptist Association and Texas Baptist Convention.


5.      The sale of the property in Smith County was to the City of Tyler, and the funds received from the sale were used to pay attorney’s fees and some other operational expenses.  The balance was used on our present property in Jacksonville.

On Thursday, March 22, 1990, Calvary Baptist Church, 46th Semi-annual Session, our Convention reached another milestone.  Our name was changed from “Texas Baptist Convention” to “Texas State Missionary Baptist Convention, Inc.” in order to do what we were not able to do under the original name.  Unlike 1931, we did not have one dissenting vote.  All messengers were in full agreement and support.

Our Convention will never lose or forget the noble and great work that was done before us.  However, we all must do what we deem is best unto the glory of God.  As the great and noble woman Mrs. T. E. George, Jr. said, “In spite of the reverses through the years, they have not altered our determination to keep the ideals of the founder as the focal point of the Convention.  Over the years, I have seen the Convention grow numerically and financially.  We have grown in helpfulness and effectiveness.  We cannot, however, rest on those laurels.  We must continue in the same spirit as our organizers.  We must become obsessed with the same zeal as our founders to improve our capabilities and accomplishments.  I am glad I was there.”

After 26 years of leadership in June 2000, Dr. A. D. McCraw went home to be with the Lord.

Rev. Randy G. Vaughn was elected interim President.  In October 2000, the convention elected Rev. Randy G. Vaughn, Pastor of the Mount Sinai Baptist Church, Port Arthur, Texas as the 7th President of Texas State Missionary Baptist Convention, Inc.

Rev. Randy G. Vaughn carried on the work of the convention, as it is currently today, TSMBC, Inc.

Additionally, he introduced the Woman’s Conference, Youth Conference, Newsletter and Foreign Mission with interest in Haiti to the Convention. After 8 years of service, he requested not to be re-elected. 

Rev. Larry D. Wade, Sr., Pastor of Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church, Nacogdoches, Texas, was elected on October 16, 2008 as the 8th President of Texas State Missionary Baptist Convention, Inc.

Rev. Wade’s accomplishments:

1.      Adding to 2 more Vice-Presidents to the already existing 3 Vice-Presidents

2.     Change the Presidency term from 3 years to 4 years.

3.     The sale of the property in Jacksonville, Texas.

4.     Starting a website for TSMBC, Inc.

In January of 2013 during the Winter Board Meeting, held in Henderson, Texas, Rev. Wade announced that he would be stepping down in October 2013. 

However, regrettably on May 7, 2013, President Larry Delano Wade, Sr., also pastor and teacher at Zion Hill First Baptist Church, went home to be with the Lord. 

At this time, Reverend Donald R. Parish Sr., First Vice President of the Convention and pastor of True Lee Missionary Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, was elevated and served as the Interim President of the Convention until October 2013 when an official election was held.   Rev. Parish continued the focus on the present and future of the Convention.  During his incumbency, the 82nd   Annual Session of Texas State Missionary Baptist Convention was held at the First Pilgrim Valley Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, to include a Memorial Luncheon in honor of the late President Larry D. Wade, Sr.

An election was held on October 16, 2013 during the State’s Annual Session to elect a new president.  The Reverend Dr. Bruce D. Datcher, pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church of Fort Worth, Texas for the past ten years was elected the 9th President of the Texas State Missionary Baptist Convention, Inc.  The Ebenezer Baptist Church Family hosted a Presidential Pre-Installation Banquet on January 6, 2014 honoring their pastor, President-elect Datcher.  Dr. Datcher was installed, the 9th President of Texas State Missionary Baptist Convention, Inc. on January 7, 2014 at the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas. 

President Datcher paused to express how humbled and grateful he was to stand and serve as the President of this very fine Convention.  He immediately began his work of the convention. Although the first year presented its share of challenges, the president had challenged himself to travel to each 10 District’s Annual Session and/or a special event and he completed his task prior to end of year 2014.  Additionally, he travelled to the National events as well as his District.

The 83rd Annual Session of the TSMBC was held in Corsicana, TX where the first Dr. Larry D. Wade, Sr. Missionary and Educational Banquet was hosted by TSMBC, October 14, 2014. The Black and Red graceful and charming evening was held at the Cook Center of the Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas.   The President’s vision of this successful banquet was organized and executed by him and a few other members of the convention.  Recognition was given to the pioneers in each District of the Convention.

President Datcher activated the office of VP at Large and Reverend W R Ricks was appointed to this position and reinstated the Home Mission Board, the Foreign Mission Board and the Evangelism Board.   Additionally, he created a new position the, Director of Convention Tourism and Travel Board, and appointed Sister Deborah Cohen to the position.  He also revivified the Semi-Annual Session to return each year in March.

The 84th Annual Session in 2015, under the leadership of President Datcher was hosted by Reverend George Harrison and the Eighth Street Baptist Church congregation.  The 2nd Dr. Larry D. Wade, Sr. Banquet was organized by Sister Marva Harrison and held at the Civic and Convention Center in Temple, TX.

Sister Joyce Mills, Youth Director, accepted the challenge implemented by our National President to expose our youth in the Cabela’s Sporting Good Summer Camp.


In 2016, the 85th Annual Session was hosted by the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, in Fort Worth, Texas where President Datcher is the pastor. 


In 2017 the 86th Annual Session was held in Waco, Texas hosted by Pastor Jack Watson and the wonderful member of The Mount Carmel Baptist church.  President Datcher officially appointed Sister Linda Turner as the Woman’s Auxiliary President.  Sister Loretta Mitchell was appointed to serve as Deaconess Chairlady; and all other Auxiliary Presidents will continue to serve at the leisure of the President.  New Moderators:  Reverend Freddie Wilson, moderator of East Texas Bethel, Reverend Jerry Lee, moderator of Old Landmark, and Reverend James Collins, moderator of Original West Texas.


In 2018, the 87th TSMBC Annual Session was held in Fort Worth, Texas and hosted by Pastor Robert McGinty and the Community Baptist Church.  2018 was election year for a President of the Convention.  The election Commissioner, Reverend A. C. Stapleton, announced on Wednesday afternoon, October 17, 2018, the canvassed voting results; the new president, the incumbent Reverend Bruce D. Datcher.


The appointment of Sister Betty Watson was made to the President’s Advisory Board, replacing Reverend James Larry Williams. 


It was recommended, by President Datcher,  that a closer look at making revisions to our Constitution and Operational Procedures, where needed, and would be put in place immediately, to identify, clarify, specify, and mandate our policies and procedures in all areas. Reverend A. W. Colbert, 1st Vice President was appointed to oversee the process.


New Pastor was:  Reverend John F. Johnson, Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church, of Houston, Texas.

New Moderators were:  Reverend Dr. Michael G. Braxton, Sr., Moderator of GGMDA, Reverend A. D. Mills, Moderator of East TX #2.


Organizational staff changes made by President Datcher at Annual Session in 2019, held at Mt. Carmel BC in Waco were: Sister Jewelene Wyatt was appointed, President’s Administrator, Reverend Colbert was appointed Vice President at Large, and Reverend Jerry Lee appointed to 3th Vice President. 


New Pastors to the Convention were:  Reverend H. L. Webb, II, senior pastor at Pleasant Grove, Denton, NE District; Reverend Dr. J. M. Teeler of Harvey Avenue Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Reverend

Steven Martin at Jenkins Chapel, Amarillo, Original West TX.


Reverend Freddie Wilson, pastor of St. Paul Baptist Church, Center TX was appointed to the position of President of the Moderators Auxiliary.


At the present, 2020, the work of President Datcher is still ongoing. The Mid-Winter Board Meeting was held January 7-8, 2020, hosted by President Datcher and the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. 

The 2020 Semi-Annual Session was scheduled to be hosted by President Datcher and the Ebenezer MBC Family in Fort Worth, beginning March 16 -19, 2020 but a novel Coronavirus was identified and the session was cancelled.  The outbreak of the devastating disease, COVID-19,  a pandemic erupted across the United States, resulting the remaining 2020 sessions,  Congress Session in June, and the Annual Session scheduled in October, 2020 to be cancelled as well.

As our convention remains prayerful, President Datcher continues to reach out virtually to its moderators, pastors, auxiliaries, and members.