From the President

President Bruce D. Datcher


in the Mighty and Awesome Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Truly, our God is a great God who continues to show Himself faithful.

First, I pray that this Greetings finds you well and blessed in and by Him.

Secondly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for OUR Texas State Missionary Baptist Convention, and to all of you who make it a convention. Your service and resources to this, our TSMBC, has impacted many lives, including my own, and I look forward to continuing to serve as we “Return to Biblical Standards Embracing Salvation through Grace;” our scriptural focus is Titus 2:11.

We are a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching, and Bible-preaching convening body of people. We take seriously our commitment to “Exalt the Savior, Equip the Saints, and Evangelize the Sinners.”

TSMBC will continue to offer numerous opportunities to connect with God and other believers, grow in Christlikeness, and serve God through our worship, fellowship, discipleship, evangelism, and ministry programs.

I pray that more souls will seek God for the movement of The Holy Spirit during this time in our society; that we may surely know and feel the presence of The Lord. I pray for peace, love, and harmony.  Today, so many are refusing Christ, in a world that is governed by the god of this world (Satan). It is my prayer that a day will come where many will seek God, prayerfully worship and please Him.

We must continue to pray fervently for this nation without ceasing. I personally believe that God has allowed us to be bystanders of racism, hatred, bigotry, narcissism, misogyny, and most of all to witness the great divide of this country, by the actions of the believers and non-believers. However, we must maintain our faith in God and not waiver in standing on God’s Word. We shall constantly set our minds toward God in all our experiences, to direct our mind and hearts toward Him through the means of His revelation. 

Prayer is the most powerful action against trials, the most effective medicine against sickness and the most valuable gift to those we love. Let us be mindful to always pray for the bereaved, sick and shut-ins, as well as those affected by the devastating virus and other calamities that plague our nation.

May the Grace of God be upon each of you, and may God continue to shower you with His Choicest Blessings.


President Datcher


1234 Divi St. #1000
San Francisco, CA 94220


(255) 352-6258


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